My name is Andrew Overby and I am seeking to be employed as a Mechanical Engineering intern. I am currently an engineering student at the University of Idaho where I have begun attaining experience and fundamental knowledge in pursuit of earning my Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree. I am further developing my professional hands-on experience and knowledge in the engineering field while utilizing the interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills I have acquired as an employee in past job positions and student at the university.

I seek employers who possess honest, dependable, and hard-working employees to accomplish the goals set forth by the company. I believe that I would be an excellent contributor if given the opportunity to work as an engineering intern for a company as such. As an engineering student, I think outside of the box by incorporating my creative eye and thoughts to form ideas that are efficient and beneficial. I continue to maintain a high standard with my schoolwork and grade point average at the University of Idaho and have acquired several hours of hands-on experience working with machinery and equipment.

I highly believe the ability to communicate and work well together is what sets engineers and their productivity apart. I strive to meet this expectation as I do enjoy working with groups, or independently as needed. Although I will only be available full-time on a seasonal basis until I have completed my Bachelor’s of Science, I look forward to the opportunity to work as a Mechanical Engineering Intern for a highly reputable company.

Best regards,
Andrew Overby