There is a way to do it better - find it.
— Thomas A. Edison

It is time to create and contribute ideas that change the world. Since a young age, my obsession with how things work has sparked my interest in to pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Idaho. Throughout my education, I have noticed that the ability to communicate and work well together is what sets engineers and their productivity apart. I continue to maintain a high standard with my schoolwork and grade point average and have acquired several hours of hands-on experience working with machinery and equipment.

Outside of my education

Aside from studying at the University of Idaho, I enjoy researching new technologies as well as performing small scale engineering projects. Some of the key topics I like to research are: additive manufacturing, solid modeling, computer science, solar technology, Arduino applications, and portable power supplies. Sustainable practices remain a key consideration of mine, for I want to apply my engineering to resources that will pave the way for future generations. The achievement of success, even after many failures, is rewarding to me. Making a contribution and seeing a product in its final stages that I had the honor of working on is a feeling unparalleled to any other.

I am currently involved in the VandalForge Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) printer project mentored by Dr. Michael Maughan at the University of Idaho. The project uses a similar system to that of a 3D printer, but instead utilizes a MIG welder to print complex objects using any type of metal. With this printer, the team is seeking to achieve: physically large, lower net cost near net shape manufacturing, complex part geometry, stand alone fabrication in remote locations or extreme environments, and enhanced material properties through processing parameter control. Currently, we are in the process of researching and designing a cooling system for the device in order to control the microstructure of the components. My main task is working with an open source 3D printer controller called Smoothie, where I write new code and create hardware to interface between the controller and printer.

Personal projects also remain a large passion of mine. I enjoy taking my education and applying it to ideas that fall in to my every day life. Some recent work of mine has been through the creation of a digital OBDII gauge. View the project at the link below:

At times, breaks are needed, and the outdoors are where my heart lie. My hobbies include: dirt biking, skiing, water sports, and music. I attempt to make an effort to live each season to the fullest; however, when the weather is poor, I will happily tinker around at a workbench.

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Best regards,
Andrew Overby